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Advancing neurodiversity in the workplace


Our “Aid” Approach

At COG Connections, Our methodology is rooted in the acronym “AID” representing “Attract, Inform, and Direct.” The AID process is implemented with every candidate to ensure their readiness for employment.


Our strategy revolves around establishing a platform where neurodivergent candidates can come together to explore and access opportunities. Acting as a reliable resource for these candidates, we can subsequently provide training, qualification, and facilitate suitable matches for the benefit of all parties involved.


Within our community, candidates are consistently involved in educational activities, corporate best practices, individual and group coaching. This dynamic approach helps them recognize their skills, enhance areas that require development, and maintains an enriching environment for continuous learning within the community.


Candidates remain in our pool until a suitable alignment is found between their skill set and an employer’s requirements. Following this, a series of steps including interviews, preparation, and training is undertaken to equip them for their prospective position. Details such as work hours, virtual or in-person arrangements, accommodations, and any unique needs are meticulously arranged.

Neurodiversity Training

Training programs designed to educate and empower organizations to create inclusive and supportive environments for neurodivergent individuals.

Are you an interested Employer?


Create a profile as an employer interested in hiring neurodivergent individuals seeking employment. Share and outline the ideal traits you are seeking in both potential candidates and within your workplace to ensure a successful hiring process.


Our advanced matching algorithm analyzes the profiles of employers and neurodivergent individuals to identify potential connections. We prioritize compatibility based on skills, interests, and organizational culture.

Support and Resources

Access a wealth of resources, including guides, articles, and best work environment. Benefit from expert advice and the shared experiences of our community members.

Network and Connect

Celebrate the success stories of employers and neurodivergent individuals who have found the perfect match through COG Connections. Be inspired by their journeys and learn from their experiences.

Did You Know?

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that affects reading, writing, and spelling skills but does not reflect an individual’s intelligence. It is estimated that approximately 10% of the global population has dyslexia. Dyslexia individuals often excel in problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity and innovation. They may have strong visual-spatial abilities, excellent verbal communication skills, and the ability to think outside the box.

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